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In addition to the Chicken Pota Blava, our municipality offers us other products with proper name, as they are the Melon and the Alcachfofa Prat

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The connections of The Prat with Barcelona, and with any national and international fate are inmejorables. With the airport, bus, train and metre and in same municipality and at the side of the Port of Barcelona.
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Fairs and parties

The Fira Avícola, the Party of the Beer, the Esperanzah, The Party Major, The QuintoTapa, The Saint Pollín, the parties of the Neighbourhoods and of Associations, San Juan... In The Prat know to have a good time!
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The Artichoke of Prat, our Chicken Pota Blava Race Prat, the delicious melon of the Prat... Leave you seduce by the Gastronomy of the Prat through his restaurants, his markets and his routes of cover!
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Our Beach

The beach of The Prat has a longitude of 5,5 km that extend from the mouth of the river Llobregat until the lake of the Remolar. Part of the seaboard is bordeado by the pinewood of Can Camins and the zones of the Remolar and Roberta find entirely included in the Net Nature 2000.
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Ajuntament Of the Prat of LLobregat

To make your formalities, surgeries on services and schedules
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Tourist map

It downloads the tourist map with all the places, intineraruios and edifices of interest of The Prat of Llobregat
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